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  • Boyd Roberts, Broker at Gallery Real Estate

Laguna Beach Real Estate Charts / Median Sold Prices Monthly / Short Term Price Indicator

Past performance does not guarantee future results:  that said, the Short Term Price Indicator - allowing for results within 2 months - has not been wrong since the collection of this data (February, 2016).    Pending prices should lead sold prices.  A signal is generated if a current month's pending prices (as of the 1st of the month) deverge $250,000 above or below the previous month's sold median price. If pending prices are $250,000 above the previous month's closing median, closed prices should go up soon and visa versa.  Devergences between $200,000 and $250,000 are also predictive, but are not highlighted.  Down signals are illustrated in orange, up signals in yellow.  Notice this indicator has predicted the biggest swings in price.

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