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Laguna Beach Open Escrows Surges 146%

Laguna Beach Real Estate Magazine

March 2023 | Edition #93 updated April 16, 2023

Supply of Homes Plunges 48%

The Laguna Beach sold median – on low volume – fell $130,000 in March, settling at an even $2,500,000. The median dollars per square foot rose $44, finishing at $1,422.

Back to the headline, the supply of homes plunged 48 percent. As of April 1, there were 98 residences listed for sale. In March there were 22 closed sales. The supply of homes is calculated by dividing the number of homes active on the market as of the 1st by the previous month’s rate of sales. The supply of homes went from 8.66 months – a buyer’s market – in February to 4.45 months in March. Laguna is now a seller’s market.

What is next? Two predictive sets of data points, stand out.

One, pending activity and pending activity as a percentage of active inventory, is surging. The number of open escrows has surged 146% in the last two months. Pending Absorption – the ratio of active listings to open escrows is also up 128% in the last two months. With last month's closing ration above 100%, expect more closings and tighter supply this month.

Two, the Spread Indicator – which compares the active median price to the sold median price – has just issued its strongest signal ever. The April 1 active median was $4,495,000. The March sold median was $2,500,000 – a difference of almost $2,000,000. Every time in the last 7 years that spread has exceeded $1.4M – 14 out of 14 times – the sold median has gone up that month. Be sure to check back next month.

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April 16, 2023 update. The market is heating up. Pending activity is surging more. There are 98 active listings and 38 open escrows in Laguna Beach. Pending absorption is now at 38% - up 171% since Febuary 1st.

A Broker's Take on the March 2023 Laguna Beach Real Estate Market

Laguna Beach Real Estate

March 2023 At-A-Glance

SOLD MEDIAN $2,500,000 - 130,000 | $ PER SQ FT $1,422 + 44 | SUPPLY 4.4 MONTHS - 4.2 | CLOSING RATIO 122% + 30

Laguna Beach Real Estate

Price Forecasts

Short-Term PENDING INDICATOR Forecast for April: No Signal

Short-Term SPREAD INDICATOR Forecast for April: Up Signal

Long-Term PRICE INDICATOR Forecast for 2023: No Signal

Laguna Beach Real Estate

March 2023 Sales Data

Balanced Market 5 to 7.9 Months

Laguna Beach Real Estate

March 2023 Laguna Beach Real Estate Closings

Laguna Beach Real Estate

Laguna Beach Real Estate Chart

Sold Median Yearly


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